BLE product portfolio

2018-02-02 - Expanded BLE product portfolio offers high integration, low power consumption and flexibility

Fujitsu Electronics Europe is expanding its BLE product portfolio with solutions from Ambiq Micro and Talent Highland. The new products offer customers high integration, low power consumption and flexibility. To facilitate the integration of BLE products into their applications, they can use the ClickBeetle reference platform developed by FEEU.

Ambiq Micro’s new BLE components make BLE applications more powerful and efficient. The Cortex M4 in Apollo 2 operates at up to 48MHz at only 10µA/MHz and a deep-sleep current of 2µA, while Apollo 1 operates at up to 24MHz at 34µA/MHz and has a deep-sleep current of 143nA. Additional components offer the possibility of lowering the deep-sleep current to 22nA. With EM Microelectronic as its partner, Ambiq Micro has a BLE product with one of the most energy-efficient BLE chip solutions on the market.

Customers who would like to integrate BLE further can also use a Talent Highland SIP. Components such as a DA14580 with ARM Cortex M0 16 MHz and 42 KB RAM, 1 Mbit SPI FLASH, crystals, passive components and antenna are bundled in a package measuring only 7mm x 7mm. Thanks to the internal DC/DC converter, the small module also supports 3V and 1.5V batteries. Depending on the requirements, the company’s customers can also create their package with their own components.