LQW15DN series

2018-02-08 - Inductor in 0402 size for use in communication devices with rating of 15microH

Murata has introduced the LQW15DN series of inductors for use in communication devices such as smartphones. In their 1005 size they are claimed to be the world’s smallest inductor at a large inductance rating of 15microH.

Inductors for communications devices such as smartphones require miniaturization of the components for multifunctionality and multimodality as well as large inductance values for booster circuits installed in RF antenna tuning circuits and Bluetooth modules. The device is able to achieve a maximum inductance of 15microH in the 1005 size (1mm × 0.5mm) due to the company’s unique materials and design technology that enable miniaturization and high-efficiency of the final circuit.

Specification wise, the LQWDN series inductors have an average DC resistance of 5.7Ohms, an inductance test frequency of 10MHz, and a current rating of 100mA. Self-resonance is specified as 20MHz minimum and a wide operating temperature range of -40C to 85C is provided. The part’s magnetic shield is the magnetic resin type.