in-vehicle network (IVN) protection diode

2018-01-03 - New generation of high-performance in-vehicle network protection diodes

Nexperia offers a new generation of in-vehicle network (IVN) protection diodes that give a higher surge current, greater ESD robustness and a significant improvement in ESD clamping performance. The new AEC-Q101 qualified PESDxIVN series of surface mount devices are optimised for the latest generation of CAN, LIN, and FlexRay transceivers.

The new parts are drop-in replacements for legacy devices, available in familiar SOT23, SOD323 and SOT323 packages. However, the new parts deliver higher performance. For example, PESD2IVN24-T parts deliver a 30kV ESD robustness (up from 23kV on the legacy PESD1CAN), an improved surge current of 3.5A and much better clamping of 42V at 3.5A (was 70V at 3A). Other parameters remain constant or slightly better. The PESD1IVN27-A offers the same improvement in ESD robustness with a lower (=better) clamping voltage compared to the legacy PESD1LIN.

Commented André Dressler, Nexperia’s automotive marketing manager: “In modern vehicles, there is an increasing amount of data exchange, and the electronic content is growing in functionality and complexity. Therefore effective ESD protection solutions are imperative. Nexperia has brought on-line a massive capacity increase for ESD diodes to guarantee a secure chain, and provide customers with peace of mind that they are protecting the electronics in their vehicles with high-performance, rugged and efficient devices.”