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Image Part Number Manufacturer Description Stock
MAX4513CSE+ MAX4513CSE+ Maxim Integrated Analog Switch ICs Fault-Protected SPST Analog Switch MAX4513CSE+ 141
MAX3084ESA+ MAX3084ESA+ Maxim Integrated RS-422/RS-485 Interface IC Fail-Safe 10Mbps RS-485/RS-422 Tcvr MAX3084ESA+ 451
MAX16023LTAL12+T MAX16023LTAL12+T Maxim Integrated Battery Management Battery Backup 1.2V-Ep MAX16023LTAL12+T 163
MAX454EPD+ MAX454EPD+ Maxim Integrated Video Amplifiers 50MHz Video Amp & MUX Amp MAX454EPD+ 794
MAX16072RS17D1+T MAX16072RS17D1+T Maxim Integrated Supervisory Circuits uP Supervisor 1.67V Trip MAX16072RS17D1+T 134
MAX6717AUKMSD5+T MAX6717AUKMSD5+T Maxim Integrated Supervisory Circuits Dual uPower Supervisor MAX6717AUKMSD5+T 298
MAX6387LT28D4+T MAX6387LT28D4+T Maxim Integrated Supervisory Circuits Dual uPower Reset Circuit MAX6387LT28D4+T 119
MAX515CPA+ MAX515CPA+ Maxim Integrated Digital to Analog Converters - DAC 10-Bit Precision DAC MAX515CPA+ 3986
MAX6856UK22D2+T MAX6856UK22D2+T Maxim Integrated Supervisory Circuits Single nPower Supervisor MAX6856UK22D2+T 264
MAX6727AKAZGD3+T MAX6727AKAZGD3+T Maxim Integrated Supervisory Circuits Triple uPower Supervisor MAX6727AKAZGD3+T 172
MAX1177ACUP+ MAX1177ACUP+ Maxim Integrated Analog to Digital Converters - ADC 16-Bit 135ksps 4.2V Precision ADC MAX1177ACUP+ 388
MAX19997AETX+T MAX19997AETX+T Maxim Integrated Up-Down Converters High-Gain 1.8GHz to 2.9GHz Downconv MAX19997AETX+T 5000

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