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Image Part Number Manufacturer Description Stock
NCP3020BGEVB NCP3020BGEVB ON Semiconductor Power Management IC Development Tools NCP3020A EVALUATION BOARD NCP3020BGEVB 218
2N4921G 2N4921G ON Semiconductor Bipolar Transistors - BJT 3A 40V 30W NPN 2N4921G 1196
MJE803G MJE803G ON Semiconductor Darlington Transistors 4A 80V Bipolar Power NPN MJE803G 391
NCV2931DT-5.0RKG NCV2931DT-5.0RKG ON Semiconductor LDO Voltage Regulators 5V 100mA w/Load Dump Protect NCV2931DT-5.0RKG 5000
BTA08-800CW3LFG BTA08-800CW3LFG ON Semiconductor Triacs BTA08-800CW3 LEAD FORME BTA08-800CW3LFG 3300
NCL30086BDR2G NCL30086BDR2G ON Semiconductor LED Lighting Drivers LED LIGHTING CONTRLR T NCL30086BDR2G 2724
NGTD21T65F2SWK NGTD21T65F2SWK ON Semiconductor IGBT Transistors 650V/40A CN86 FAST IGBT NGTD21T65F2SWK 236
SBAT54T1G SBAT54T1G ON Semiconductor Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers SS SOD123 SHKY DIO 30V SBAT54T1G 12300
NCP4589DSN25T1G NCP4589DSN25T1G ON Semiconductor LDO Voltage Regulators 300 MA, 3-MODE LDO NCP4589DSN25T1G 18000
MC100EPT22DR2G MC100EPT22DR2G ON Semiconductor Translation - Voltage Levels 3.3V LVTTL/LVCMOS to Diff LVPECL MC100EPT22DR2G 10424
NCP705MTADJTCG NCP705MTADJTCG ON Semiconductor LDO Voltage Regulators 500 MA LDO ULTRA-LOW IQ NCP705MTADJTCG 4500
MMBZ33VALT1G MMBZ33VALT1G ON Semiconductor TVS Diode Arrays 33V 225mW Dual Common Anode MMBZ33VALT1G 303220

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