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Image Part Number Manufacturer Description Stock
BQ4845S-A4NG4 BQ4845S-A4NG4 Texas Instruments Real Time Clock w/NVSRAM Control Watchdog Timer BQ4845S-A4NG4 136
TPS3837K33DBVTG4 TPS3837K33DBVTG4 Texas Instruments Supervisory Circuits 220nA w/ 10ms/200ms Select delay time TPS3837K33DBVTG4 715
TPD12S520RMNEVM TPD12S520RMNEVM Texas Instruments Other Development Tools TPD12S520RMN EVAL MOD TPD12S520RMNEVM 227
TPS650231YFFT TPS650231YFFT Texas Instruments Battery Management Pwr Mgmt IC TPS650231YFFT 844
TPS53127PW TPS53127PW Texas Instruments Switching Controllers Dual Synch Step-Down Controller TPS53127PW 138
TPS2394PWR TPS2394PWR Texas Instruments Hot Swap Voltage Controllers Hot Swap Power Mgr TPS2394PWR 181
LM2990S-12 LM2990S-12 Texas Instruments LDO Voltage Regulators A 926-LM2990S-12/NOPB LM2990S-12 31972
OPA2301AIDGKR OPA2301AIDGKR Texas Instruments High Speed Operational Amplifiers Lo-Noise High-Speed 16-Bit Accurate CMOS OPA2301AIDGKR 3464
SN74AHC245PWRE4 SN74AHC245PWRE4 Texas Instruments Bus Transceivers Octal Bus Trnscvrs With 3-State Outputs SN74AHC245PWRE4 3000
CDC341DW CDC341DW Texas Instruments Clock Drivers & Distribution 1-To-8 Clock Driver CDC341DW 380
UC2901D UC2901D Texas Instruments Feedback Loop Power Controllers Isolated Feedback Generator UC2901D 4672
CD4009UBMT CD4009UBMT Texas Instruments Inverters CMOS Hex Inverting Buffer/Converter CD4009UBMT 579

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