Part Number:LMH020-1250-35G9-00000TW
Description:LED Lighting Modules 3500K CCT, 1250 LM
Data SheetLMH020-1250-35G9-00000TW
Inventory Stock:135
Lead Time:1-5 days based on quantity

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LMH020-1250-35G9-00000TW Specifications

Power Rating 15.5 W
Input Voltage (DC) 29.0 V
Packaging Bulk
RoHS Compliant
Supply Voltage (DC) 120 V

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LMH020-1250-35G9-00000TW Authorized Distributors

Distributor SKU MOQ Lead Days Packaging Stock Quantity / Unit Price
Digi-Key LMH020-1250-35G9-00000TW-ND 1 28 Tray 10

146.46 USD

5038.38 USD

10032.32 USD

25029.29 USD

Newark 77T2866 10 0 9

5025.67 USD

10025.0 USD

2526.35 USD

1027.02 USD

Mouser 941-LMH020125035G9TW 1 0 Bulk 10

1000025.0 USD

129.85 USD

5027.02 USD

10025.0 USD

100025.0 USD

1027.02 USD

Conrad 1125814 0 0 0

167.49 EUR

5060.74 EUR

10053.99 EUR

565.47 EUR

1064.12 EUR

Avnet LMH020-1250-35G9-00000TW 10 28 0

2025.89 USD

10023.99 USD

4025.29 USD

1026.29 USD

6024.59 USD

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