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PNEDA Technology is an online e-commerce platform united with global components distributors and in-stocked inventory suppliers, we are committed to providing convenient purchase experiences and high quality services.

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PNEDA is a global electronic purchasing platform which provides competitive price for electronic components: integrated circuits, diodes, capacitor, resistor, inductors, switch, transistor, sensor, connector, LED.

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Millions of Electronic Parts In Stock. Backorder Accepted. Obsolete & EOL Parts Expert, Price & Lead Time Quotes within 24 Hours.

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PNEDA Technology is an online e-commerce platform united with global components distributors and in-stocked inventory suppliers, we are committed to providing convenient purchase experiences and high quality services.

We strictly follow the ISO9001 standard and establish the corporate image. Do not accept, manufacture or transfer defective products. Take science and technology as the driving force and strive for survival by quality

We strictly abide by the ISO14001 standard, improve the comprehensive management level and corporate image, and reduce environmental risks Protect the environment on which human beings live and reduce pollution accidents


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[Nov 16 2023] ConnectorsRenesas has pre-announced information about the fifth-generation R-Car SoC for high-performance applications, which uses advanced Chiplet small chip package integration technology to bring greater design flexibility to vehicle engineers. For example, if advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) need to accommodate more prominent AI performance, engineers can integrate AI accelerators into a singl ...
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[Nov 16 2023] SensorsLittelfuse Corporation is an industrial technology manufacturing company dedicated to powering a sustainable, connected and safer world. The company announced the launch of its latest innovation, the 59001 magnetic spring sensor. This miniature D-shaped cylindrical magnetic spring sensor combines compact size, high performance and customization options to make it ideal for a wide range of industr ...
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[Nov 14 2023] ConnectorsThe rise of generative AI and AI/ML technologies has created new demands for faster connectivity, driving 800G connectivity for back-end data center networks and applications. Using active electronic cables (AEC) is currently the most effective solution, but cable providers need to overcome a number of design and development hurdles. To address this issue, Microchip Technology announced the launc ...
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[Nov 14 2023] PowerIntel CEO Pat Kissinger said that Intel will complete its "four years, five process nodes" plan as planned or ahead of schedule, and the progress Intel has made in process technology is fully recognized by third parties. In July 2021, Intel announced its "Five Process Nodes in Four Years" plan to regain process leadership by 2025 by advancing five process nodes - Intel 7, Intel 4, Intel 3, Intel ...
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[Nov 13 2023] PowerMolex, the global leader and connectivity innovator in the electronics industry, has released the results of a global reliability survey that reveals the challenges faced by hardware (including devices) system architects and design engineers in balancing increasing reliability expectations with increasing product complexity, reduced test times, and ongoing cost and manufacturing constraints. Howe ...
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[Nov 13 2023] SemiconductorsNXP Semiconductors announces the AW693, a new wireless connectivity solution at the automotive scale. Designed for the car, the AW693 is part of NXP's most complete automotive wireless connectivity portfolio, enabling concurrent dual MAC Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 with LE Audio connectivity, and is protected by NXP's integrated Edgelock security subsystem to provide multiple secure connections in ...
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