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Renesas unveils next generation Automotive SoC and MCU processor product roadmap

2023-11 Connectors Renesas Electronics America
[Nov 16 2023] Renesas has pre-announced information about the fifth-generation R-Car SoC for high-performance applications, which uses advanced Chiplet small chip package integration technology to bring greater design flexibility to vehicle engineers. For example, if advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) need to accommodate more prominent AI performance, engineers can integrate AI accelerators into a singl ...
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D-shaped cylindrical magnetic spring sensors provide a compact, flexible design solution for iot near range sensing applications

2023-11 Sensors Littelfuse
[Nov 16 2023] Littelfuse Corporation is an industrial technology manufacturing company dedicated to powering a sustainable, connected and safer world. The company announced the launch of its latest innovation, the 59001 magnetic spring sensor. This miniature D-shaped cylindrical magnetic spring sensor combines compact size, high performance and customization options to make it ideal for a wide range of industr ...
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Microchip introduces the industry's most comprehensive 800G active cable (AEC) solution for generative artificial intelligence networks

2023-11 Connectors Microchip Technology
[Nov 14 2023] The rise of generative AI and AI/ML technologies has created new demands for faster connectivity, driving 800G connectivity for back-end data center networks and applications. Using active electronic cables (AEC) is currently the most effective solution, but cable providers need to overcome a number of design and development hurdles. To address this issue, Microchip Technology announced the launc ...
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Intel's progress in process technology is being fully recognized by third parties

2023-11 Power Intel
[Nov 14 2023] Intel CEO Pat Kissinger said that Intel will complete its "four years, five process nodes" plan as planned or ahead of schedule, and the progress Intel has made in process technology is fully recognized by third parties. In July 2021, Intel announced its "Five Process Nodes in Four Years" plan to regain process leadership by 2025 by advancing five process nodes - Intel 7, Intel 4, Intel 3, Intel ...
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Molex announces the results of a global reliability and hardware design survey

2023-11 Power Molex
[Nov 13 2023] Molex, the global leader and connectivity innovator in the electronics industry, has released the results of a global reliability survey that reveals the challenges faced by hardware (including devices) system architects and design engineers in balancing increasing reliability expectations with increasing product complexity, reduced test times, and ongoing cost and manufacturing constraints. Howe ...
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NXP introduces a new Wi-Fi 6E solution, expanding the most complete automotive wireless connectivity portfolio

2023-11 Semiconductors NXP
[Nov 13 2023] NXP Semiconductors announces the AW693, a new wireless connectivity solution at the automotive scale. Designed for the car, the AW693 is part of NXP's most complete automotive wireless connectivity portfolio, enabling concurrent dual MAC Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 with LE Audio connectivity, and is protected by NXP's integrated Edgelock security subsystem to provide multiple secure connections in ...
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Picocom introduces High performance, low power SoCs for 5G small base Station Open RAN RF units

2023-11 Power Precision Electronics Corporation
[Nov 10 2023] Picocom has introduced a new, fully optimized PC805 system-on-chip (SoC) to help the industry further improve the performance of 5G small cell Open RAN Radio frequency units (O-RU). Designed to simplify the design and production of 5G NR/LTE small base station O-RU, this highly integrated, small-size, low-power SoC chip with a forward pass rate of up to 25Gbps can support both CPRI and eCPRI inte ...
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Transphorm introduces TOLL Packaged FETs, positioning gallium nitride as the best device to support high power consumption AI applications

2023-11 Connectors Transphorm
[Nov 10 2023] Transphorm, a leading global supplier of gallium nitride (GaN) power semiconductors, announced the launch of three Toll-packaged SuperGaN FETs with on-resistance of 35, 50 and 72 milliohm. Transphorm's TOLL package configuration is industry standard, meaning the Toll-packaged SuperGaN power tube can be used as a direct replacement for any e-mode TOLL solution. The new device also has Transphorm's ...
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Intel unveils innovative smart cockpit solutions to embrace a new era of software-defined cars

2023-11 Power Intel
[Nov 8 2023] During the 2023 China International Import Expo, Intel exhibited a new generation of Core core intelligent cockpit platform for smart cars, hoping to use Intel's powerful CPU and integrated GPU computing power, rich software stack, open platform and large-scale manufacturing advantages to help Oems create a more immersive cabin experience for users. To meet the evolving needs of users for intelli ...
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Nexperia has partnered with KYOCERA AVX Salzburg to produce 650 V silicon carbide rectifier diode modules for power applications

2023-11 Passive Components Nexperia
[Nov 8 2023] Nexperia, A specialist in high-capacity production of basic semiconductor devices, has announced a partnership with KYOCERA AVX Components (Salzburg) GmbH, an internationally renowned supplier of advanced electronics, to produce new 650 V, 20 A silicon carbide (SiC) rectifier modules. Suitable for high frequency power supply applications with 3 kW to 11 kW power stack designs to meet the needs of ...
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IAR provides full support for the Renesas RA8 series, assisting in AI and ML development

2023-11 Connectors IXYS
[Nov 7 2023] IAR, the global leader in Embedded development software and services, has announced the seamless integration of support for Renesas RA8 MCUS in its newly released IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm 9.40.2. Provides a complete solution for the development of the RA8 series chips based on Arm® Cortex®-M85. The main highlights: Cutting-edge support: IAR Embedded Workbench now supports Renesas RA8 MCUS p ...
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X-FAB's manufacturing process breakthrough adds CMOS integration options to electrical isolation solutions

2023-11 Optoelectronics XMOS
[Nov 7 2023] X-FAB Silicon Foundries (" X-FAB "), a globally recognized analog/mixed-signal foundry of excellence, has announced a significant advance in the field of electrical isolation technology - after X-FAB introduced in 2018 optimization for robust discrete capacitance or inductive couplers based on its advanced process XA035. The direct integration of electrical isolation element and active circuit is ...