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Vishay introduces the industry-leading 600 V E-series power MOSFETs in a small, top-side cooled PowerPAK package

2024-05 Connectors Vishay
[May 7 2024] Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced the introduction of the first fourth-generation 600 V E-series power MOSFET-SIHR080N60E in a new PowerPAK 8 x 8LR package, providing efficient, high-power density solutions for communications, industrial and computing applications. Compared to the previous generation of devices, the Vishay Siliconix n-channel SiHR080N60E on-resistance is reduced by 27%, the ...
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STMicroelectronics Car gauge DC motor predriver simplifies EMI optimization design, saving energy and reducing consumption

2024-05 Connectors STMicroelectronics
[May 7 2024] STMicroelectronics' L99H92 gauge gate driver provides the SPI port required for current setting and diagnostic functions, as well as charge pump and safety protection, and two additional current detection amplifiers for monitoring system health. The L99H92 contains two high-side drivers and two low-side drivers, which can control a full bridge to drive a bi-directional DC motor, and can control t ...
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New integrated SiP gallium nitride devices

2024-04 Sensors Transphorm
[Apr 29 2024] Transphorm, Inc., a leading global supplier of gallium nitride (GaN) power semiconductors (NASDAQ: Weltrend Semiconductor Inc., a global leader in integrated circuits for USB PD controllers with adapters, announced the launch of two new system-level packaged gallium nitride devices (SIPs), which, along with the flagship Gallium nitride SiP from Weltrend Electronics launched last year, To form the ...
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Intel completes high numerical aperture EUV lithography machine that will be used in 14A process

2024-04 Power Intel
[Apr 29 2024] Intel, as the world's leading semiconductor company, has been increasing its investment in research and development in recent years to meet the challenge of slowing down Moore's Law. In terms of chip manufacturing technology, Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography is a major breakthrough in the semiconductor industry. Traditional Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) lithography has been difficult to meet the ma ...
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Infineon supplies power semiconductors for Wheat Field Energy to help improve the efficiency of energy storage applications

2024-04 Connectors Infineon Technologies
[Apr 23 2024] Infineon Technologies AG supplies power semiconductor devices to Maitian Energy, a fast-growing green energy industry leader and manufacturer of inverters and energy storage systems, to promote green energy development. Infineon will supply Wheat Field Energy with CoolSiCTM MOSFET 1200 V power semiconductor devices in conjunction with EiceDRIVER™ gate drivers for industrial energy storage applica ...
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End-to-side computing power is rapidly improving, and AI chip competition has entered a new stage

2024-04 Power Cirrus Logic Inc.
[Apr 23 2024] The AI terminal era refers to the development stage in which artificial intelligence technology is popularized and applied to terminal devices, covering various terminal devices such as smartphones and smart wearable devices to smart homes and smart cars. In this era, artificial intelligence technology is no longer limited to large servers and cloud computing, but has penetrated into all aspects ...
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A new generation of high-power modular AC-DC conversion platforms for rapid system configuration and power expansion

2024-04 Power Advanced Energy
[Apr 22 2024] Advanced Energy introduces Evergreen, a new generation of modular high-power platforms featuring two new air-cooled Vento products. With 2.5 times higher output power than contemporary high-power modular solutions, Evergreen offers high-performance optimized AC-DC conversion with fast system configuration for instant customization and power expansion. To meet the growing demand for high-power, hi ...
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Microchip introduces the AVR DU series of USB microcontrollers that support enhanced code protection and power output up to 15W

2024-04 Connectors Microchip Technology
[Apr 22 2024] Microchip Technology introduced the AVR DU series of microcontrollers. As the next generation of Microchip 8-bit MCUS with integrated USB connectivity, the AVR DU series is designed to deliver stronger security features and higher power output than previous versions. The advantages of Universal Serial Bus (USB) interfaces in embedded design include compatibility with various devices, simplified c ...
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NXP announces the S32N55 processor, the first to achieve ultra-high integration of central real-time control in automobiles

2024-04 Connectors NXP
[Apr 19 2024] NXP Semiconductors announces the S32N55 processor, the first member of the S32N family of ultra-integrated in-vehicle processors. The S32N55, the core of the recently announced S32 CoreRide central computing solution, delivers a scalable combination of secure, real-time and application processing to meet the diverse central computing needs of automotive manufacturers. The S32N55 processor excises ...
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Sensirion introduces innovative micro CO2 sensors

2024-04 Sensors Sensirion AG
[Apr 19 2024] STCC4's superior form factors, cost effectiveness and low power consumption enable it to better support a range of mass-market CO2 monitoring applications. Sensirion has announced that its latest line of CO2 sensors will be available in the second half of 2024. The STCC4 is one of the smallest sensors ever available to directly measure CO2 concentration and is designed to be seamlessly integrated ...
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What is an edge computing Gateway? How to choose?

2024-04 Power Aavid
[Apr 16 2024] Edge Computing refers to the placement of data processing, storage, and application functions on edge servers or devices closer to the data source in the Internet of Things and networking, rather than relying on remote cloud servers for processing. By processing and analyzing data close to the data source, edge computing can reduce data transmission delay, reduce network congestion, enhance data ...
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Digital temperature sensor chip used in intelligent humidifier

2024-04 Sensors ON Semiconductor
[Apr 16 2024] In smart home equipment, humidifier as an important tool to maintain indoor comfortable humidity, its performance directly affects the user's experience. With the development of science and technology, the functions of intelligent humidifiers are becoming more and more diversified, and users' requirements for their intelligence are becoming higher and higher. Among them, the application of digita ...