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The new Zhixiantong AI digital human terminal is becoming an intelligent interactive assistant around users

2023-09 Connectors STMicroelectronics
[Sep 12 2023] In recent years, the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology has enabled intelligent terminal products to continue to upgrade and innovate, among which the new Zhixiantong AI digital human terminal has become an intelligent interactive assistant around the user. The new Zhixiantone AI digital human terminal is an intelligent device with artificial intelligence technology STM8S903K ...
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Connector rapid development, strengthen quality control to meet the new challenges of industry demand upgrading

2023-09 Connectors Infineon Technologies
[Sep 12 2023] With the continuous progress of science and technology and the expansion of application fields, connector, as an important part of electronic equipment, has developed rapidly and is facing new challenges. The stability and reliability of connector quality is essential for the performance and sustainable development of electronic equipment. However, with the continuous upgrading of demand and inte ...
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Vishay introduces the new 650 V E-Series power MOSFETs with industry-leading performance levels

2023-09 Passive Components Vishay
[Sep 8 2023] Vishay Intertechnology today announced the introduction of a new fourth-generation 650 V E-series power MOSFEt-SIHP054N65E to improve energy efficiency and power density for communications, industrial and computing applications. The Vishay Siliconix N-channel SiHP054N65E on-resistance is 48.2% lower than the previous device, while the on-resistance and gate charge product is 59% lower, which is a ...
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STMicroelectronics will supply BorgWarner with 750V silicon carbide devices

2023-09 Power STMicroelectronics
[Sep 8 2023] STMicroelectronics will supply BorgWarner with the latest third-generation 750V silicon carbide, which fits into its proprietary ViPER-based power module. The power module will be used in BorgWarner's traction inverter platform for a variety of current and future Volvo Cars electric vehicles. "This partnership will give Volvo Cars the opportunity to further enhance the appeal of our electric vehi ...
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Secure design of embedded IoMT devices

2023-09 Power Microchip Technology
[Sep 4 2023] The healthcare industry's growing reliance on connected devices makes it vulnerable to cyberattacks, ranking second only to small businesses. To prevent potential disasters, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has developed embedded device safety implementation guidelines for medical device manufacturers to follow. This guide covers all stages of design, development, product launch, after ...
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Lattice FPGas are powering the development of wind energy and creating a sustainable, connected world

2023-09 Semiconductors Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
[Sep 4 2023] Nowadays, technology continues to evolve rapidly, affecting every aspect of our lives, and the rapid development of artificial intelligence has further promoted technological advances, enabling systems and data centers also require more and more energy. This leads to increased e-waste and CO2 emissions. In fact, servers and cooling systems account for the largest share of direct electricity consu ...
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Transphorm gallium nitride devices are the first to achieve a short-circuit robustness milestone critical for motor drive applications

2023-08 Power Transphorm
[Aug 31 2023] Transphorm, a leading global supplier of gallium nitride (GaN) power semiconductor products, has announced that it has achieved a short circuit tolerance time (SCWT) of up to 5 microseconds on gallium nitride power transistors using one of the company's patented technologies. This is the first achievement of its kind ever recorded and a major milestone for the industry, Transphorm's gallium nitri ...
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Building safe self-driving cars

2023-08 Power Infineon Technologies
[Aug 31 2023] The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation, with the rise of electric vehicles and the increasing automation of autonomous vehicles (AVs). In China, many companies have devoted themselves to the research and development of fully autonomous vehicles, and a series of pilot projects have been launched to achieve this goal as soon as possible. A science park in Hong Kong is launching an A ...
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infineon introduces the new TEGRION family of security controllers

2023-08 Connectors Infineon Technologies
[Aug 28 2023] Infineon Technologies has announced the launch of the new TEGRION family of safety controllers, Infineon's broadest 28nm safety controller portfolio to date. The new IntegrityGuard32 security architecture, combined with an advanced Arm®v8-M instruction set, greatly improves the performance of semiconductor devices. TEGRION security controllers are designed to provide customers with easy deploymen ...
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Texas Instruments introduces a number of new current sensors

2023-08 Sensors Texas Instruments
[Aug 28 2023] Texas Instruments has introduced a number of new current sensors to help engineers simplify designs and improve accuracy. Designed to operate over a wide range of common mode voltages and temperatures, these new products include a lower drift isolated Hall effect current sensor for high voltage systems and a current shunt monitor product line that eliminates the need for external shunt resistors ...
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STMicroelectronics First dual operational amplifier for rotary transformers in electric vehicles

2023-08 Semiconductors STMicroelectronics
[Aug 24 2023] The TSB582 is ST's first high-voltage, high-current dual operational amplifier in a compact package (SO8 with bare pads and DFN8 with bare pads and wettable surfaces). First consider using it for rotary transformers in electric vehicles, or other applications with high-power AC motors or brushless DC motors (which convert mechanical motion into electrical data) to determine motor position and imp ...
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ST introduces thermal diode controllers for ASIL-D automotive safety-critical applications

2023-08 Connectors STMicroelectronics
[Aug 24 2023] The STMicroelectronics STPM801 is the first to market diode controller with integrated heat change for automotive functional safety applications. This ideal diode controller drives an external MOSFET switching tube, replacing the Schottky diodes commonly used in input reverse protection and output voltage hold circuits. The voltage drop on the MOSFET is lower than the forward voltage of the Schot ...